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Animation Hotline

A voicemail for lonely animators | Une messagerie vocale pour animateurs isolé.e.s

Clemence Bragard

Animation Hotline is a voicemail for lonely animation filmmakers and artists. The cancellation of so many festivals lately has stopped happy spontaneous discussions. I wanted to hear and share news from those animation creators, giving them the opportunity to leave a message, without any pressure. Animation Hotline c'est une messagerie vocale pour auteurs et artistes isolé.e.s. L'annulation de trop nombreux festivals depuis plus d'un an a coupé court aux heureuses discussions spontanées. J'ai eu envie de prendre et de donner des nouvelles de ces créatrices et auteurs d'animation, en leur laissant la liberté de s'exprimer sans pression de l'immédiateté.

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Michaela Pavlatova x Michael Dudok de Wit [Live]

Michaela Pavlatova was born in Czech Republic, graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague. As an animation film director, her films have received numerous awards at international film festivals. For a few years from 1998, Pavlatova has divided her time between Prague and San Francisco, where she worked as the art director for Wildbrain inc.
After 2002 she directed the live action film "Faithless Games". In 2006 she finished, together with her partner Vratislav Hlavaty, the animated film adaptation of Camille Saint Saens' "The Carnival of Animals". Two years later, she directed another live action feature film "Children of Night".
Her short animation film "Tram" had a premiere at Cannes Film Festival and won the Cristal for a short film at Annecy Festival.
Besides her work as a director, she made animations for theatre performances and is the supervisor of the Animation department at FAMU.
"My Sunny Maad" is her first animated feature film. She adapted Petra Prochazkova's book "Freshta" to create a moving and subtle film about a Czec woman, Herra, who left her country to follow her futur-husband Nazir in Afghanistan.

The Dutch director Michael Dudok De Wit accepted our invitation to discuss with Pavlatova about "My Sunny Maad", and to share their filmmakers' points of views. Referring to his own feature film "The Red turtle" they compare their experience, issues and excitements as directors.

The French Association for Animated Cinema has launched in 2021 a new label, in partnership with L’Agence du court métrage, Ciclic (Centre Val de Loire), les Cinémas Indépendants de Nouvelle Aquitaine (CINA), Les Cinémas Indépendants parisiens(Ile-de-France), De la suite dans les images (Hauts-de-France), Écrans VO (Val d’Oise), Enfances au cinéma (Paris), L’Équipée (Valence), le Forum des Images (Paris). It highlights quality animated feature films, airing in French cinemas and targeting adult audience. "My Sunny Maad" is the third film that got the label. This episode offers an exclusive way to listen to the two awarded directors' insights on filmmaking, as well as some of "My Sunny Maad"'s behind-the-scenes stories.

More on:
Michaela Pavlatova's website
Sacrebleu productions website (in English)
The French Association for Animated Cinema and the Label (in French)

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[Live talk] Spela Cadez X Martin Smatana

The steak has been marinating for a few days now. The pan is heated. Franc’s stomach is rumbling. But Liza’s co-workers surprise her with a birthday party. Will she be home on time?
Spela Cadez is a Slovenian independent director who created the production company Finta film. Her eclectic films depict fragile characters in an unbalanced world. She shows the trueness of life through deep stories, always coloured with a touch of humour. Her last film "Steakhouse" was selected in international competition at Clermont international animation film festival.
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Mom, dad, son and daughter are going to have the best summer holiday ever. But things get complicated and they start to argue, because everybody has a different taste of how to enjoy holidays.
Martin Smatana is a stop-motion filmmaker based in Czech Republic. He likes working manually, using different materials and telling stories for children. He studied Animation in Bratislava and then at FAMU in Prague. His graduation film "The Kite" was premiered at Berlinale 2019, and won over 60 international awards.
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Hang on for the Season 3 and discover now Theatre Hotline!

For those who follow the weekly episodes, you may have noticed that the podcast has taken a little break for the past few weeks. I am therefore taking this opportunity to move the lines of Animation Hotline and will present you soon the Season 3. In the meantime, I strongly invite you to follow and listen to a new podcast, created by Cécile Xuereb and Alexandra Diaz, theater enthusiasts. Meet them and the authors of live performances on Théâtre Hotline(only for French speakers)!
Theatre Hotline Podcast
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Découvrez Théâtre Hotline avant de retrouver la saison 3 d'Animation Hotline !

Pour ceux qui suivent assidûment les épisodes hebdomadaires, vous avez pu noter que le podcast a fait une petite pause depuis quelques semaines.
En attendant la reprise, je vous invite fortement à suivre et écouter un nouveau podcast, cousin de celui-ci, créé par Cécile Xuereb et Alexandra Diaz, passionnées de théâtre. Rendez-vous avec elles et les auteurs de spectacle vivant sur Théâtre Hotline, dès aujourd'hui sur :
Le site officiel du podcast

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Nicolas Rolland, après le bip

Nicolas Rolland est un animateur et réalisateur français. Diplômé de l’école Emile Cohl à Lyon, il poursuit ses études à l’école de La Poudrière pour se former à la réalisation de films d’animation.
En résidence d’écriture co-organisée par La Poudrière, le CEEA et CICLIC, il présente l’idée originale de "L’Incendie" à son futur producteur Christophe Camoirano de Girelle productions et rencontre Pierre Le Gall, son co-scénariste. Il pitche ensuite ce projet de court métrage au Festival national du film d'animation à Rennes en 2019 où il remporte la bourse CICLIC. Entre les sessions d’écriture et de recherches graphiques, il travaille sur plusieurs projets, que ce soit pour "La Chambre vide" de Dahee Jeong, "La Nuit des sacs plastiques" de Gabriel Harel, ou encore "L’Extraordinaire Voyage de Marona" d’Anca Damian.

Retrouvez-le sur :
Le site de Girelle productions